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Why the Downtown Community Plan is a Crisis in Planning

There is not enough park land allotted for downtown residents.

The amount of useable park land specified in the Plan does not meet San Diego's standards or needs. 

  • The existing General Plan standards include a range of 2.8 to 4.0 acres of park land per 1000 residents for neighborhood and community parks.
  • The City Planning and Development Services Departments consistently use the low end figure, and sometimes reduce it further to 2.4 acres.  Do they have the legal authority to do so?

  • The Park and Recreation Department states they would need 249.5 acres for the proposed population of 89,100, using current standards.

  • The Downtown Plan proposes a total of 130.8 acres of park land, which includes many sites that do not meet the city's definition of useable park land.
  • Park and Recreation's figures show only 76.88 acres of the proposed land is usable park land.